What Inherent Well Being sessions can do for you:

Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Pain, Grief, Stuttering, Insomnia, Low Energy, Fear of …… (phobias), Trauma, etc.

Be Successful at:
Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Public Speaking, Developing and Accomplishing your Goals, etc.

In the sessions we will be working with your conscious and in particular your unconscious using the tools of Modern Psychology, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Quantum Touch.

At any one time the conscious part of your mind can only manage about 9 bits of information at the most. The rest of all that is going on in and around you is being dealt with by your unconscious. The unconscious rules our lives, it’s the main operator. Therefore it is important to communicate with the unconscious mind.   It can be difficult to make and maintain changes if we do not address this most important part of ourselves.

Modern hypnotherapy is a special form of clinical, therapeutic hypnotherapy. It’s a relaxing, gentle but deeply focusing inward to communicate with the unconscious directly.

NLP, which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, is one of the most effective methods of change, a revolutionary approach to human communication and development.

• Neuro – what is happening in our minds (consciously and unconsciously);
• Linguistic – our use of language as descriptions of our thoughts, feelings and sensory abilities;
• Programming – patterns of behaviour, what we learn and repeat throughout our life.

NLP enables us to understand what makes us the way we are – feelings, thoughts, behaviours – and how we make sense of our life and the world we live in.

It assists us in learning how to think and communicate more effectively with both ourselves and others.

It is based on the discovery that by changing how we think, we can transform what we think. It helps modify our thought and behavioural patterns to suit our goals.

NLP literally helps us develop better thinking styles – for faster learning, better relationships and greater success.

NLP will help improve your communication skills, confidence, resolve unwanted negative emotions and beliefs, develop a positive self image, give an understanding about behaviours, enhance your abilities, increase motivation and keep a sense of balance and purpose in your life!

Coaching, as used by the most successful professional people in the world, is a must for resolving problems, developing clarity, efficiency, direction and getting your motivation going and keeping it going. It supports you in reaching your goals, improving your work and personal life including having more enjoyment.

Quantum Touch is a very healing, soothing life force energy stream, which will be running in the background during the sessions. Although you may not be consciously aware of it, it is supporting your well-being and relaxation during the sessions. Sessions using only Quantum Touch for healing are available also.

Gwen Channer is a fully qualified Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist, Success & Life Transformation Coach, Master NLP, Modern Psychology and Quantum Touch Practitioner.

She will help you to recognise and remedy what is not serving you, what affects you adversely or holds you back unnecessarily. By acknowledging, bringing into consciousness and deliberately remedying what needs adjustment in your life, a profound, positive clarity enters into your life, which benefits not only you but also those around you.

Working with Gwen you can explore your options in your personal and working life in an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

Clients gain powerful breakthroughs and a raised state of consciousness that puts them in touch with an inherent love of life, an ability to resolve their issues and accomplish their goals much more effectively and overall be more content and comfortable with who and what they are.

In person sessions are available in Chagford, Exeter and Totnes, Devon, UK.  

With Skype, Zoom and phone for sessions anywhere in the world.

To make an appointment please use the contact form on this website. Once you have an appointment time reserved please come back to this page to pay for your session(s) at least 48hrs prior to the actual appointment time.

Please note that a minimum of 24-hour notice is required for an appointment to be cancelled or rescheduled. A cancellation charge of the full amount will be applied if less than 24-hour notice is given.

Most sessions are of one hour duration, with follow-up sessions any time from one week to a few weeks later.

To make your payment please use the secure Paypal “Donate” button (for credit cards or electronic bank transfer) or you can pay by special request via bank transfer prior to the session.

30 Minutes – £40.00
45 Minutes – £55.00
60 Minutes – £65.00
2 Hours – £130.00