Stress Relief Course

Effective Stress Relief Course

with a difference

This course teaches how to manage stress much more effectively,  in whatever form each individual participant may experience it.   Plus it show you how to begin to transform dealing with stress into more empowerment.

We do this by harnessing the power of the unconscious for an effective, relaxed way of being so that you can enjoy the rewards of living your life from a stronger, more confident and calmer, core beingness.

Whether you are interested for yourself or for your company the benefits of taking this course are many:

Gain practical tools for dealing with day-to-day stress

Increase productivity and increase your potential

Improve morale and personal health & well-being

Have a coherent team and have more ease in your personal life

Be more efficient at work and at home

You will:
• Learn effective, simple ways to manage stress.
• Discover how you can reset your inner stress
• Become aware of and change unconscious patterns
that increase stress.
• Enjoy unwinding and relaxing deeply.

This thought provoking and very effective course consists of 4 classes held over 4 consecutive weeks.  Each class is 2 hours long.

The classes are held regularly in Exeter, Chagford, Moretonhampstead and some other locations so if you are interested just get in touch to find out when the next series of 4 classes will start.

For companies, the classes can be held at your premises in most UK locations or in Chagford or in central Exeter.  Please enquire for more details.

A selection of participants’ testimonials:

This is an excellent course.  Very valuable content and excellent delivery by Gwen.  I can highly recommend to family, friends and work colleagues and anyone who leads a busy and hectic life.
Tania Coombs
********** *********** **********
I found Gwen’s stress relief classes inspiring and helpful. For me it was more accessible than Mindfulness, sometimes fun, always thought provoking. She has the perfect voice for deepening relaxation and I would highly recommend a course for anyone with stress issues of any level.
********** *********** ***********
I would just like to say how much I enjoyed your stress relief classes over the last four weeks, I have to say that I have always been a bit cynical about these types of programs, but the tools you gave us to work with have been very useful, especially in my day to day management.
I would also like to say that I definitely liked the way the program progressed through the four weeks and how each week you brought in a new resource that was beneficial in recognizing what each of us was dealing with and how to manage these things better.
I feel much more confident in my day to day dealings and regularly use those tools you gave us to deal with the daily routine.
Once again thank you very much for your polite and gentle approach, it has changed the way I go through my day.
Phill Clark
********** *********** **********
I enjoyed these sessions and found them full of practical ways to deal with the personal stress in my life.
Philip Rubinstein
********** *********** **********
If you are interested in creative and imaginative ways of dealing with stress and anxiety then I strongly recommend you attend Gwen’s course. I certainly got a lot out of it: new ways of thinking, practical techniques to offset stress and anxiety, and some fascinating insights into how we might live our lives differently.
Gwen is a perceptive, intelligent and deeply empathic person who is happy to share her insights and explore those things that give rise to stress and anxiety – and how to respond to them, thoughtfully. Life is there to be lived in the most peaceful and joyous ways possible, and Gwen’s course will help you on a path toward contentment and peace. Don’t hesitate!
************ ************* **************